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What are the diapers made of?

ZiggleBaby one size diapers are made with specifically designed specialty fabrics because of both the function and quality that they provide. The outer fabric is a soft touch denier nylon, coated on the inner side with breathable polyurethane barrier. The inner layer of the diaper is a quick dry and stain resistant polyester. The super absorbent soaker pad is made of 5 thirsty layers of diamond weave magic-dry polyester fabric.

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What do I do with the poop?

Although this is the most unpleasant part of cloth diapering it is also the easiest to handle. Our recommendation is the use of a little sheet called a flushable diaper Liner(link to cart to purchase diaper liners), also known as a rice paper liner. These diaper liners are flushable and biodegradable. When changing your child simply place the liner on top of the inner layer so it becomes a barrier between your baby and the inside of the diaper. Fasten diaper as usual. When the diaper is soiled, grab the liner at opposite corners and flush the liner and the solid matter away.

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How do I use my AIO (all-in-one) diaper?

ZiggleBaby products have one common objective in mind, simplicity! we wanted to offer parents a very user friendly diapering system that seemed less like a multi part system and more like a super easy to use item with multiple features. ZiggleBaby diapers are built with the absorbent component sewn right in made of plush and luxurious bamboo velour! It's so nice and soft and squishy you will wish it was on your bum!

ZiggleBaby patent pending gentle inner elasticized leg gussets to hold even the craziest messes. Our built-in cover is made of a polyester knit coated with a phalate free and bpa free laminate that was originally build for the medical industry but has now revolutionised the cloth diaper industry making all-in-one diapers the most convenient, reliable and user friendly diaper on the market today. All in ones are simply fastened on and go! Easy for tiny babies and squirmy older toddlers alike!

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How many diapers will I need?

This is a question many parents struggle with and there really is no science to it. Our formula is to multiply your daily changes on peak days by the amount of days in your washing cycle. for example if your baby needs 10-12 changes per day and you want to do one load of diapers every 2 days, you will need atleast 24 diapers in size one. as your baby growes his need for changing will decrease by as much as 5 changes per day. using tha same laundry cycle, you now only need 18 size two diapers. Because our diapers transition do well into trainers, ZiggleBaby are here to help you every step of the way from birth to potty learning!!!

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How do I wash my diapers?

Have a look at our awesome care page for hints and tips on caring for your diapers and maintaining the for the longest life.

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Can I use diaper rash cream with my ZiggleBaby diapers?

ZiggleBaby diapers are ok with some diaper creams but try to stay away from synthetic and petroleum based ointments as they can prematurely deteriorate the inner fabrics of the diapers.

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Why are my diapers leaking?

If your ZiggleBaby diapers are leaking, make sure that the leg gusset is not twisted inside the diaper or tucked in. Making sure that you have a nice snug fit on baby is also important.

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What does repelling mean?

Repelling happens when a diaper in not prepped (see care-prepping diapers) when the naturally occurring oils in the bamboo would hinder the absorbency of the contents of the diaper from being soaked into the soaker pad. Prepping diapers will help avoid this.

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What are my shipping options?

To come...

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What are ZiggleBaby refund policies?

Unwashed unworn 30 days still in package -limited-warranty on workmanship and materials for 6 months after purchase excluding closures.

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Who manufactures ZiggleBaby diapers?

The ZiggleBaby brand is owned by a Canadian juvenile products company specialising in the creation of products that will simplify and aide parents in those first precious years. Products are proudly Canadian with materials sourced from all over the globe.

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What is the warranty on Zigglebaby products?

We stand behind every diaper we make! rest assured that you will satisfied with your purchase but if for some reason you aren't, we will gladly accept unwashed, unworn ZiggleBaby products that are still in the original packaging. Our products are also covered with a limited 6 month warranty that covers materials and workmanship excluding closures. Please understand that all return shipping and insurance associated with product returns is the responsibility of the customer.

We understand that everything must be looked at on a case by case basis and encourage you to contact us if you are not satisfied with your product for whatever reason, we will certainly work with you to reach an agreeable solution.

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Where can I purchase ZiggleBaby products?

Our awesome products are at the tips of your fingers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our super fast but reasonable shipping options get them to you quite quickly for use!

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The Use of the Chemical Tributyltin

In many brands of disposable diapers the use of the chemical tributyltin has been adopted because the chemical helps control the growth of bacteria and fungi. The chemical's primary uses included application in ship paints, for industrial waterways, as an agricultural fungicide and in plastics. The substance is known as an "endocrine disruptor"-- a substance that human and animal bodies interpret as a reproductive hormone.

While many people have heard of the controversy of Bisphenal-A (BPA) as used in baby bottles, other plastic food containers and tin food can linings, the knowledge of tributyltin to cause the same problems to the human body has been less pursued. Even without extensive studies, there's not much controversy in the marine world where it was primarily used. An international agreement was reached to stop the use of it on ships, over concern of the reproductive issues it caused marine animals. But the chemical is still found in disposable diapers that touch babies' skin and are absorbed by it.

The new concern about the chemical is its property as a promoter of obesity. These "endocrine disruptors" are also showing to contribute to the problem of obesity by inducing the body exposed to create more fat cells. Bruce Brumburg of the University of California, Irvine, has coined the term "obesogens" to describe how these artificial chemicals cause the body to grow obese. The biological fact about fat cells is that more can be made, but a fat cell can never be deleted--they can only be shrunk when a person loses weight. Fat cells create their own hormones to demand that the body keep feeding them; fat has its own metabolism like a parasitic organism. Once a person is exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals, such as tributylin, increasing the number of fat cells in the body, that animal or human will remain predisposed to obesity for life.

If we really want humans to live healthy, vibrant lives, perhaps we need to think more cautiously about using man-made chemicals whose side-effects are not fully realized until years and decades later. It sounds smart to use an agent in a diaper that would discourage the growth of bacteria and yeast--but the use of tributyltin is not safe.

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What Does Colored Poop Mean?

Tarry Black Poop your baby's first poop, is called meconium. You'll never see it again once it passes. When NOT the first poop, could mean there is blood in the digestive tract. Call the doc.
Mustard Poop is common for breastfed babies and washes out without staining.
Green Poop is normal it happens when eating veggies like green beans or peas.
Orange Poop also happens, mostly when they ate carrots or sweet potatoes.
Yellow Poop is normal
Multiple color and color-changing poop as long as the colors are listed above (sans meconium reference), there's nothing to worry about. Baby poop changes colors on a frighteningly regular basis.
Chalky White Poop could indicate that there is no bile from the liver to digest food. Call the doc.
Bright Red Blood in Poop means blood has been expressed very close to the anus (i.e. no time to turn black.) Call the doc.


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