About ZiggleBaby Diapers

 About ecobumz and ZiggleBaby

What started as a need for different diapering options has turned into an exciting journey into the organic parenting world with many opportunities to explore and whole-heartedly immerse ourselves into a fantastic community.

ZiggleBaby is a family owned and operated Canadian manufacturer that is thrilled to have recently acquired the established ecobumz® brand. We strive to meet the needs of modern families by providing quality products and efficient service at affordable prices. We are excited to continue to expand on the ecobumz® brand by being an innovative and contributor to the juvenile products industry and hope to become a trusted brand in your family. We also offer our own line of ZiggleBaby branded one-size cloth diapers.

Our leadership has over 30 years of combined business expertise and growing numerous companies from the ground up. We know the importance of customer service and ZiggleBaby strives to serve our valued visitors to high standards. You can contact us anytime through our Contact Us page.

All our products are available in our safe, secure online store. We offer economical and quick shipping to anywhere in the world. Visit our online store to place your order today!

 ZiggleBaby Products

Eco friendly cloth diapers are our main products: both our own ZiggleBaby brand as well as the ecobumz® brand. In addition, we also offer related baby accessory product. We are in the process of further expanding our product line and we look forward to offering even more great products in the future!

 What's New?

The brand new ecobumz diapers have arrived!

The brand new and improved, redesigned ecobumz diapers have arrived! The original cloth diaper that started a revolution is now back! Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and stain resistant. Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes, fitting babies from 6 to 45 pounds.

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 Cloth Diapering 101

Is cloth diapering for you?

These are not your mothers cloth diapers! Gone are the days of stabbing your baby with pins and fighting with rubber pants. Todays cloth diapers are modern, convenient and very user friendly. To help you learn the lingo, click on our list of cloth diaper terms.

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 ZiggleBaby YouTube Channel

Get the most out of your eco-friendly baby diapers!

Check out our YouTube channel to get more tips and tricks on cloth diapering. Watch our channel for more great new videos coming soon.